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If you want to buy complete kitchens, then look no further than here, where you can find the largest off the shelf product offers in the market.

They have been helping builders, fitters and stockists to delight their customers since 1989, offering the choice and value kitchen buyers desire, excellent accessories, and their responsive, ultra-reliable service.

They offer a wealth of colours and finishes available from stock or specially painted to order.

Oxford, Cambridge, Windsor, Cartmel, are some of the great ranges on offer that you can find here, so click on through and find out more.


Gallery Kitchens are a family run business with over 20 years of experience in creating beautiful kitchens specifically tailored to meet your lifestyle needs.

Gallery is the collection for people who put the kitchen right at the heart of their lives. Timeless, Shaker, Modern, Linear and Signature offer design options for every style of home.

All the latest technology creates an impact for a truly bespoke style, simple beauty of the classic ranges are enhanced by the subtle colour palette that they have to offer, and others feature gentle curves as well as clean functional lines in a variety of styles and finishes such as Black, Chalk White, Aubergine, Cashmere, Cooks Blue, Duck Egg Blue, Mussel, Olive, Platinum, and Stone.


Sheraton is one of the leading manufacturers of fitted kitchens supplying a wide network of independent specialist across the UK. They are committed to excellence, continually challenging themselves to achieve collections that will capture and inspire you.

Each of our Sheraton Kitchen designs are made to order and supplied rigid with all doors, drawers and accessories pre-fitted, saving you valuable time and money on the installation process.

Each kitchen is a unique combination of practicality, beauty and versatility, and echoes Thomas Sheraton’s vision and passion for accuracy and enduring elegance and detail.


Thomas Chippendale is synonymous with the exquisite craftsmanship and design of eighteenth century furniture. Excelling as a master craftsman, designer and entrepreneur, it was Chippendales ability to adapt and improve on the different styles of the period that is his enduring legacy.

Combining inspired design, quality materials, and traditional craftsmanship, they have created a range of kitchens that deliver superior aesthetics and effortless functionality to be enjoyed by all.

All Chippendale Kitchens are made at a state-of-the-art facility in the UK and have components from all around the world to ensure the highest quality.

01341 280588


LL DIY Station Road, Barmouth Gwynedd. LL42 1LU
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