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Mirostone® replicates perfectly the beautiful look and feel of natural stone, touch it and find out! It is cool to the touch and it’s authentic, naturally inspired designs blend elegantly with kitchens of all styles and designs.


From intense granites to calm, light woods, the Spectra worksurface collection offers a truly comprehensive range of colours, textures and designs to make your surfaces the focal point of your kitchen.

Top Shape

It is important to get the right worktops for your kitchen, and that is why we offer an excellent range covering the most durable and long lasting surfaces, to the uniquely designed and more personal ones.

We have lots to choose from and can also help you decide what is the right surface for you that suits your need and taste.

We can  update your home with the latest and most stylish surfaces, or start from new and let us bring your room to life with an array of styles and colours.

Call in today and let us help  and guide you in finding the very best, modern, affordable and stylish worktops that you can enjoy for years to come.



Thanks to its remarkable chacteristics, Silestone is the perfect application for worktops, and is the ideal choice to transform your kitchen or bathroom into a unique space,and is the only one quartz surface with 25 years warranty.

Silestone Spectra Mirostone Top Shape

Top Shape excellent work surfaces create the look and feel of a luxury solid surface without the premium price tag. Also, the wonderful unique decorative square edged finish means that it’s design potential is limitless.