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Growing Media

We have season changing growing media, such as our special 3 for £10 multi-purpose growing bags, peat free and ericaceous composts, and decorative bark chips, all of which are available from our loading bay.


We have a variety of packet seeds that you can plant and nurture to perfection, such as the Mr Fothergills selection available from March to September,  and we love the Vegetable Explorer range.

Gardening is fun, relaxing and satisfying, and we are dedicated to making sure you get the most out of your space, whether you're a professional gardener, or simply have dreamt of growing  your own perfect garden.

We have a full range of exceptional plants that change with the season, with many suitable to all gardens in this geographical area.

Whether you are looking to fill your greenhouse with plants, grow your own vegetables, or create a spectacular bedding plant display, we have products to ensure quality and diversity for all our customers.

Plants need plenty of care and the right food to ensure they get vital nutrients, that is why we carry a variety of feeds for all gardening needs.

We have season changing compost and seed compost offers, such as our 3 for £10 multi-purpose bags, grow bags, and also peat free and organic compost to order, and all these are available from our loading area.


Plants, Seeds And Feeds


We have many flowering and evergreen plants, as well as shrubs, alpines, roses, herbs, fruit trees and bushes, climbing plants and bedding plants, and British Grown Bedding Plants available in season.