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Parasols And Bases

Our Parasol Collection comes in aluminium, wood look, powder coated and stainless steel look, and can complement any table giving you added protection from the elements or simple shade from the sun.

Seating And Benches

We have many different seating options for you to choose from, with metal and wood, large and small, so call in today and speak to a member of our friendly team to help choose the perfect one for you.

We have a variety of Garden and Outdoor Furniture ranging from Patio and Garden Sets, to Sun Loungers and Deckchairs, so you have the ideal relaxation area, whether for yourself or to entertain your guests.


Our specially chosen ranges of  furniture can be combined to your needs so you can have that seating area you desire.

With all our products having superb design and distinctive quality, our great range of Garden Furniture states confidence and versatility, and is stylish and extremely practical  for every occasion.

All our Outdoor Furniture is suitable for every weather and location, regardless of garden, patio or conservatory.

Our wide collection of loungers and deckchairs offers style and comfort for the ultimate lounging experience, and are versatile enough for you to take with you so you can relax anywhere you want to.  

Loungers And Deckchairs

Garden And Outdoor Furniture

Patio And Garden Sets

We have a wide variety of Patio and Garden Sets for you to choose from, all of which can compliment your seating area so you can have time to your self in your very own luxurious and idyllic surroundings.